MODA Mall and the Bahrain World Trade Center partner with Bahrain Cancer Society in support of Movember

It is a big month for men this November as we raise awareness with Bahrain Cancer Society for prostate and testicular cancer and other diseases.

Bahrain Cancer Society was established in 1989 as a voluntary non-profitable organization and is a leading charity changing the face of Men’s health within Bahrain for over thirty years in the fight against cancer.

This Movember, Men across Bahrain will be growing their Moustaches and beards to show support towards this cause. Women and children can join in too by encouraging the men in their lives to join the movement and share information about men’s health. MODA Mall will be giving away complimentary branded “Moustache” masks to their shoppers so everyone can join in, in this community initiative.

Facts about Movember:

  • Participants joining Movember are called Mo Bros.
  • Movember first started in Australia and has now spread across the globe as a key date for the community to rally together to raise funds.
  • Movember is more than just growing a Moustache it is about showing those in your community that you care, in a fight against mental health too.

Screening Tests for Prostate Cancer:

  • Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test
  • Digital rectal exam (DRE)
  • Sonography of the prostate
  • Sono-guided tru-cut piopsy of the prostate

Bahrain Cancer Society recommendations and guidelines:

The goal is prevention, and it is always recommended to do early screening tests to help with early detection. Early detection can help with the treatment and management of the disease and save lives.

  1. All men are recommended to do regular annual check-ups with their GP’s.
  2. General guidelines recommend starting PSA screening at 50 years or between the ages of 40 and 54 if predisposed with prior family history of first-degree relative/s having been diagnosed, i.e. Brother or Father, or should you have two extended family members who have had prostate cancer.