It is inherited by generations after generations , inspired by rare familiar pieces of jewellery and watches . Since it was founded in last century through the founder Ebrahim Hassan Alfardan it started activity in natural pearls trade then it expanded by the efforts of his son Ahmed Ebrahim Alfardan thy famous and expert in pearl merchandise who has the wide reputation in this career and widespread in gulf , after then his son Ammar Ahmed Alfardan led the ship through these years serving his customers in Bahrain by improving and importing the new models of watches and jewellery to suit the new fashion and designs , since he is a lover and expert , inherited from a famous family affected by this career through the long period of experience . Alfardan has two outlets in Moda Mall one for fine jewelers, diamonds, and watches and the other outlet is the house of the natural Bahraini pearls . The third shop named ( Bab Albahrain Antiques & souvenir ) is serving rare pearls, shells ,gifts and vintage jewellerys , in addition to coins and stamps )